Friday, February 4, 2011

Let's get crafty

Just realized that I never posted picture of my new craft area. I did have all of my stuff in the guest bedroom/junk room, but that is going to be the baby's room so we are working slowly but surely to get it cleaned out. I ordered a craft table off amazon and my wonderful hubby put it together for me one Saturday.

I rearranged our walk-in closet and put the table under the window.

I cleaned out one side of our shelves and placed all my fabric and supplies in rubbermaid bins. Then I used my sillouette machine and vinyal to label them.

I haven't been in there much. I didn't make some cute onesies for a coworkers new little girl but I forgot to take pictures. They were cute though, one with a skirt and matching burp cloth, and one with ruffles on the bottom. I'm sure I be in there soon enough. Making lots of cute things for the little one.

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Made To Organize said...

Ooooohhh, these pictures make my heart smile! Great organizing!
Seven more days until the big u/s!!!

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