Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catch Up

I feel like we have been so busy on weeknights here lately. We've had friend's birthday parties, work meetings, and bible study. We went out for dinner with Coby's parents for his birthday last night and had a good time. In other news Coby will be having back surgery in mid-March. He's had budging discs and ruptured discs and has been in a lot of pain for the past few months. We figured he was going to have to have it done eventually so we figured we had better get it done before Keller gets here. So we will be dealing with that during the beginning of spring. Hopefully he will be healed up pretty well by July and will have a huge reduction in pain.
In baby news I have been feeling good. Sleeping well at night, no big food cravings, but I was having terrible heartburn that has hopefully been cleared up by a round of Previcid. Keller is moving around during the day but Coby has yet to feel him. That is something I can't wait for. We went and registered last weekend. I thought it was something we needed to go ahead and get done. With Coby's up coming surgery I didn't think he would feel like walking around all afternoon anytime after. We have also found the crib, furniture, and bedding. I went ahead and ordered the bedding just so I could match paint and other decorations.
Here are some pictures of what we have picked out.




I have lots of craft projects going though my mind and plan on working on those over spring break.
I know I still need to post some pregnant belly pictures and some more pictures of the last ultrasound. I will get to it eventually.

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