Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keller 3 months!

So I've only posted one time in the past month! Things have been so busy. Keller starting back to school, me back to work, and a change of seasons has really filled up our days. I got a message from a friend the other day saying how she hadn't talked to me in awhile, 3+ weeks to be exact. I seemed like I had just talked to her. Life is flying by.
I can't believe you are 3 months today. You weren't to interested in taking this picture. It looks like you are loosing some of your hair but I think it's just brushed over. It is getting lighter though.

We went downtown today to have some professional pictures taken. The photographer kept saying how laid back you were. This has always been your personality. You are usually content unless you are tired, hungry, or board. I think I have figured out your cries. Super mad when you are hungry, you fuss a little when you are board, and you have short loud cries with your eyes closed when tired. You haven't developed a "stranger danger" fear yet. Going to school might have helped that, but as of now you will go to just about anyone and smile and coo. Your teachers at school always comment on how you are so observant, and have so many expressions. The other night at church an older lady was talking to you and you were just hamin' it up. Talking, cooing, smiling. She got a thrill out of it and said "why his entire head turns into one big dimple when he smiles!".
You are still tolerating tummy time fairly well and are able to hold up your head for a good amount of time. You are still rolling tummy to back but haven't mastered back to tummy yet. You can sit in your bumbo chair for a short period. You head control is pretty good but your bottom slips around in it. I got it out the other night when we were in the kitchen watching daddy cook dinner.
I'm sure this won't be the last time you are in the kitchen with daddy.

You are starting to notice your feet although you are reaching out for them yet. This afternoon you were in my lap, looked down, saw your foot and started to move it around and track it with your eyes. It was like you were saying "oh look, there's my foot, oh look, I can move it from side to side". Too cute.

You still love your bath time. You love for water to be poured on you and to kick and splash.

You are sleeping pretty well during the night getting up about once to quickly eat and go back to sleep. I think you might sleep through the night but I haven't really pushed it. I have been letting you sleep on your tummy during nap times. This is how I found you today.

You are wearing size 0-3 month clothes for the most part. 3-6 months sometimes but this is still a little to big. Your school let out early last Friday so daddy kept you for the afternoon. This is what I can home to. All my boys in the bed watching a movie.

Daddy was feeding you a bottle and you were almost holding it all by yourself! This was surprising to me because I hardly if ever see you take a bottle (you are still nursing at home).

Tonight we are watching the Arkansas vs. Aurun game. As of now we are ahead, GO HOGS. You really like to watch tv but I try to no let you. It's scary how mezmorized you get. I keep telling your daddy how it will turn your brain to mush but we do make an exception during the game sometimes.

I can't believe how fast you are growning little man!

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