Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So Coby and I both got iPhones the other day. It was time for an upgrade for me and Coby finally change providers so we could have one cell phone bill, which incidentally is much cheaper. We also knew that it would not be good for our marriage for one of us to get one and not the other. So... I am attempting this whole post via the iPhone.
Last week, being our first week back from FL, I found excuses to not cook all week. This week I ran out of excuses and have cooked all week. I feel better about myself when I do cook. We have been eatting at the dinner table, the house has been clean, and laundry is caught up. Not sure if it is healthy or not that my level of self love is dependent upon the state of my house. Good or not the house is clean.
Dinners this week have consisted of herb marinated chicken and pasta, grilled okra with lemon basil dipping sauce and flank steak, spaghetti, and tomato pie. That's right tomato pie. It really turned out a lot better than I thought it would. We had it last night and for added pressure Coby's friend Ian stopped in for dinner. They both said it was good and I believe them.
I've been organizing for our camping trip this weekend and have reignited my romance with my label maker. Now if only things can get back into their designated bins at the end of the weekend.
Well, I say the iPost proved sucessful!

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Elizabeth Spann said...

That tomato pie looks mmmm mmm good (perhaps minus the bacon for me, but still tasty!). Congrats on the iphones... grrrrrr! I want one! Glad I got to see you both this past weekend!

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