Saturday, July 25, 2009

$1 per pound!

The paper sale. Not an offical or fancy sounding name. Not very descriptive either. But it is a trill that like no other. Do you know of this paper sale that I speak of? Have you experienced it first hand?
At first I thought it was a myth-urban legend. My friend once told me about getting some party invitations at this place where they sell paper for $1 a pound. She didn't elaborate much, gave vague directions and wasn't really sure when they were open. Almost like she was tring to hide something. About a year later another friend invited me on an early moring shopping trip to "the paper sale." I agreed calmly trying to not sound to eager.
The next morning, ~7:30 a.m, we pulled up to a large warehouse in a part of town that I rarely frequent. Cars were lining the streets and as we started toward the doors I could hear the comotion and my anticipation grew. As we crossed the threshold there was too much for my eyes to see and soul to take in. Yards and yards of card board boxes full of invitations, napkins, paper cups, and plates. The ivitations are the super cute ones that normally sell for $1.50 a piece. Now I can get a pounds worth for $1! I was extatic! They had something for every holiday, and shower you could imagine plus more. Then there was the plates and napkins. A case (5- 8 counts) in adorable prints! Is this utopia? They also always have fun odds and ends. Monogramed totes, make-up bags, towels. I got these cute 100% cotton PJs for $6! (Picked up some for Christmas gifts as well.)

The quareterly paper sale is a must girls shopping trip for my friends and I. Is it the thrill of getting a pound of something for a $1 in this day and age? Is is the challenge of finding napkins that match the plates? Is it the thought of all the wonderful parties that could begin with such cute invitations? Or is it the Saturday 7 a.m. adrenaline rush? Whatever the reason be keep it commin'!!

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