Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Electric

If you remember correctly our last 4th of July camping trip left something more to be desired. This year I thought that there was surely no more bad camping trip luck to be had. Alas, I was mistaken. Now, before you fret, I'll have you know that ~85% of the trip was good. Good, as in s'more good, as in watching fireworks from my lake floaty good, as in oatmeal and coffee for breakfast good, as in skipping rocks good. The other 15% goes like this...
We attempted to reserve the same campsite we had last year but apparently reserved the campsite in the MIDDLE of a cul-de-sac surrounded with campers and no lake access! After a few tears of frustration, disappointment, and desperation we ended up spending the night at Coby's brother's lake house on Thursday night. We went to Shangri La for dinner where the 30 minute wait, plus 10 minute wait after someone stole our table (they work on the honor system and some people are not so honorable), and a man almost spitting on my shoe was all worth it in the end after the blueberry pie. I know, blueberry?, but it was all there was left and was very good al'mode. If ever in the area you must stop for the pie. The waitress said they go though about 35 a day!
On Friday we set out to find an island to camp on. Luckily we found a perfect spot! I was dropped off with the tent to begin setting up while Coby went back to the "mainland" to get the rest of our stuff. We got this new tent for Christmas and had never used it. I must say I felt like a very efficient surviorwomen after being on the island all alone and setting up the 8 person tent by myself!

We were able to get the rest of our stuff on Friday and had a very enjoyable Friday night and Saturday day. We walked to the tip of the island and were able to see the fireworks from the marina. A perfect view without all the noise. Saturday night, not long after we went to bed the storms began brewing. And by storms I mean red squall line that went right over us (thanks iphone radar). The lighting lit the tent up a disco tech! Very scary but in the end we were safe, the tent held up with no leaks, and everything else stayed dry for the most part.
Coby and Tasso in the tent with the wind up radio that would only receive a classic radio station.

Chox stayed at the country club (my mom's house) for the weekend b/c we didn't know how well he would do at a campsite with all those people in close quarters. Tasso learned a few tricks this weekend like diving under the water for rocks.

And climbing trees in order to get the tennis ball the thrower, but iphone won't let me email the video. Help anyone, how do I get the video off the phone!?
All of this wears a feller out!

He stayed in bed for 2 days straight, no lie.

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