Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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We had our wedding reception at Pavilion in the Park. It's a high class shopping center here in LR with a great indoor space. The food was provided by Trio's and they did a fantastic job. We got so many compliments on the food. The flowers and table decorations were done by Distinctive Designs by Tanarah. She is amazing! All I told her was I want something classic but modern and simplistic. She did it all! It was beautiful. I really wanted our reception to be an event where people could be comfortable, have a place to sit, and enjoy the music but still be able to talk. It was a big venue that allowed for that but it was much harder for me to get to visit with everyone. But now that I think about it the one thing everyone told me before our wedding was that it won't last long enough and you will feel rushed. I didn't feel all that rushed but feel like it FLEW by. I felt like I had just gotten there when it was time to throw the bouquet and leave through the blaze of sparklers. Maybe we can do it all again in 50 or so years!

She did all the tables different with a variety of flowers and linens.

(Since Coby is a chef) We bottled olive oil with tags saying "Olive our love and thanks to you" as our gifts to our guests.

Everyone danced!

The garter and bouquet toss.


Sparklers and away we go!

Leaving with dreams of Jamaica.

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