Monday, August 3, 2009

Party like it's 1999!

(a phrase NOT allowed on the senior t-shirt b/c of the unruley word "PARTY")

So yeah. 10 years are gone and 10 more to look forward to.
Friday night was the school tour with Sister Deb. Might I just say how I adore Sister Deb and how I'm 99.9% sure the feelings of my classmates are the same. The school on the other hand was another world. NEW this, NEW that. Didn't even recognize most places but for every season there is a change.
Saturday I had everyone over for the afternoon with cocktails and a bruchetta bar. Yum. Then we went to Juanitas for a joint shindig with Catholic. I didn't last that long. So very tired. How I went out for multiple nights in a row, was in school full time, and working part time years ago is beyond me. Anyway.
Sunday was Dad's birthday. We went to dinner at my parents and watched some Ghostbusters. Good times. I leave you with pictures and kudos to my wonderful husband who was a great help this weekend.

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Elizabeth Spann said...

WOW. I was just signed in as my sister. Ha ha ha. It's me. ;)

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