Friday, August 21, 2009

When's Christmas break?

Fit pitching kindergartners, bipolar 1st graders, over anxious parents, disorganized teachers.
School has officially begun.
The kids started on Wednesday. I think to ease both the kids and teachers in. I was super busy/crazy. Some of my schools did not have art/music/PE schedule yet. Which I need to make my schedule because I can't pull my kids out of art/music/PE. I can pull them out of reading/math/history but not art/music/PE...anyone else think this rule is redunkulous? Anyway, the week is over and I think everyone is officially "in the swing of thing".

I have been feeling artistically inspired lately and have had a few projects going. We are throwing a baby shower for one of Coby's friends and his wife in the beginning of October. (I going to have to put up fall decor for the shower, then take it down and put up Halloween decor, then take that down and put the fall decor back up- Coby thinks I should be committed). It's going to be on a game day with a football/fall theme. I've got the invitations made and addressed. I've started working on some onesies (will post pictures when complete) and painted the wooden letters of the boys name.

We also had girls night out at The Painted Pig on Thursday. I decided to do a pasta bowl. I've been wanting one but could never find one I liked. I'll take a picture after I pick it up.

ALSO.....Project Runway has moved to Lifetime (not sure what happened to Bravo) and started on Thursday with an All-Stars episode with Korto and the LA season premier! Had to DVR it and plan on watching this weekend.


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