Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just some quick pictures of some Christmas presents I "enhanced" with my embroidery machine.
Coby's grandfather, Papaw, is always the hardest to buy for. He is retired and likes planes, golf, and pool. He has very limited eye sight (ie one glass eye) so the typical book is out of the question. We are sure he has about a bagillion golf balls and ties and shirts and slippers. So what to get? I ended up embroidering some golf towel for him. Some thing personal that I know he doesn't have. I think they were a hit!

I also found these kitchen towels at Target and embroidered them for some of my friends. (Just their names, I'm not quite to the level of appliques yet.)

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almost fayemous said...

Liza! Your blogs are so much fun to read! domestic life has been good to you! I would love to catch up sometime...hope all is well.

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