Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Coby was on Good Morning Arkansas this morning showcasing his talents. He has done this once before and gets better every time. Today he showed how to make creme brulee in a chocolate bowl. We started it last night so there would be bowls ready. Have you ever had a balloon coated in chocolate explode in your kitchen? I have! (I have also had 100+ pounds of beef tenderloin carved in my 7 square foot kitchen.)Ahh the life of a chef's wife. Really though, I'm not complaining. Who wouldn't want their personal chef? (it's not always like that though ;).
Here is a picture of the chocolate bowls post balloon pop.

And this is the link to the recipe.
Also. Do you have a Silpat? They are wonderful! We use it for everything. Forget foil, Pam, and parchment paper. Coby poured hot melted sugar on it last night, let it dry, then peeled it off. Great for baking everything from cookies to fish. You can get them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Buy the real thing. They have some other brands that are cheaper but the actual Silpat is worth the extra money.

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