Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a Photoshop kinda Sunday

I took a photo class awhile back and learned a lot...but not near enough. I still need practice and Photoshop. I am in the process of conducting some self teaching through online tutorials. I found these photos I took of my niece, Peri, about a year ago. Some were blown out (attempts to move off of auto on my camera) and some were just lacking. I opened Photoshop tonight and played around. Now I can't tell you what I did because I was just messin' around and I think ended up with some better images than I started with.
I love the effect of this one. Kind of 70'sish. I think her expression shows up better in the edited version and I LOVE the light halo (from the sun) than seems to be lassoing her! 

This one was blown out but I just adore her expression and posture.

Don't even think the editing version of this one is correct yet. It's lacking detail or something.

Lastly, just a little detail goes a long way!


The Browns said...

Those are really good! I love the last one :)

kitchen koala said...

Adorable pictures! Nice Photoshop work too; it's such a fun program to play around in, isn't it? I'm getting excited about the Valentine's Day exchange too!

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