Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Know It's Saturday

but get it done when you can, right?

So here's this weeks menu.
Sunday- HOMEMADE FAJITAS: we love to make these together when we have time. we use our tortilla press and maseca. we got the totilla press at a local mexican food store for ~$7 and it doesn't take up much room. you just add water the the maseca roll it into a ball press and pan fry. yum.

Monday-CHICKEN SPAGHETTI: who knew this was a southern dish. i've had it before but never actually made it so i was looking for a recipe and could only find it on some southern websites (not even on lots of options out there, it seems like everyone just adds what they like to it. i'm making a double batch and taking some to a family at church who's mother just had surgery. it should freeze well.

Tuesday-BLACKEND TILAPIA SANDWICHES: supper easy. just blacken the tilapia and we use ciabatta rolls.

Wednesday-CHILLI: coby is cooking it for a church dinner.

Thurday- TACOS


I just signed up on and They are electronic coupon sites where you can load your local grocery store card. Super easy.

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The Browns said...

That all sounds so yummy! Those websites sound cool too. I'll have to check them out! Have a great weekend :)

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