Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Look for the New Year

I've got a new look. I got tired of the other, a little to dark. It was affecting my mood. I know that this layout is still a little monochromatic but it does have a lighter feel don't ya think? (Let me know if it's hard to read. I'm trying to find the colors that make it easiest to read.)
My aunt died last week and her funeral was on Monday. Such a sad time but I did have some surprise visitors. My cousin, who I thought was not going to make it to the funeral, called from Georgia on Saturday morning. Her father is actually my cousin so my aunt was actually her grandmother. Anyway, she called and said she was wanting to come in for the funeral and asked if she and her brother could stay with us. Our wee little house only has one extra bedroom but no bed. So they ended up, graciously, staying on blow up mattresses in the den. Someday I will have a quaint little guest room with fresh flowers and a water carafe.

We spent most of the weekend at my parents. Nothing to exciting. It was nice to be able to come back to my house and watch tv and talk without "the adults". During meals we talked about how we are grown and married but still feel like we end up at "the kids table".
Lots of good tv shows are starting up again. The Community is all new tonight. LOVE me some Joel McHale! I have also gotten sucked into
The Bachelor
this season. Those girls are crazier than ever! Big Love started last Sunday (it's trash, I know, don't judge). And...........LOST...Feb 2!!!!!!!


Dorothy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt's passing.

The Browns said...

Thanks for the link to your friends blog about the miracle blanket. And, I'm sorry about your Aunt :( I hate death & funerals...but, who doesn't? I hope ya'll are staying warm in the South!
<3 Bon

katandkarl said...

can't wait for lost!

almost fayemous said...

I would love to get together...I haven't seen you in years! Email me and we can exchange #'

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