Monday, March 22, 2010

Chef's Ball 2010

We went to the annual Central Arkansas Chapter of the American Culinary Federation annual Chef's Ball last night. These are always so much fun. Good food, drinks, and music. Last year Coby did the soup course and this year he did the main course. I had good intentions of taking pictures of each course before I ate them but only managed to remember to take pictures of two courses...after I had already eaten half! The theme was Arkansas products.
Here is the fish course. I was a buttermilk fried catfish.

And here is Coby's dish. AR white cheese grits, AR shiitake mushroom, AR smoked beef tenderloin, and a cornshoot. (half eaten)

I did manage to take some pictures of him and family but I really wish I would have brought my good camera because these turned out really grainy.
Me and my wonderful hubby.

Coby and his uncle Jay, Papaw (Coby's grandfather), Pops(Coby's Dad), and brother Clay.

Coby and C-C (his mom), and Bubba (his grandmother).

Aunt Lisa and Papaw breakin it down on the dance floor.

Bubba and Papaw showing off their dancing skills. They've been married 65 years and still get jealous if the other talks to someone of the opposite sex!

They are so fun and so in love.

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