Friday, March 5, 2010


My wonderful husband participated in Diamond Chef Arkansas on Wednesday. It's an Iron Chef type of local competition. He helped out Donnie Ferneau of Ferneau and they did a great job. Each team was given a "mystery basket" including a protein, starch, fruit, vegetable, cheese, and some extras. These items included things such as mangosteen, peanut butter, fiddlehead fern, dill pickles, brussel sprouts, cottage cheese, corn flakes, and steak. The event was a great success and I had a wonderful time watching my hubby doing what he does!

We are going to Fayettville this weekend to watch the Hogs play a little basketball and stay at James At The Mill. Hopefully I will have pictures to share when we get back. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys this beautiful weather!


Les said...

Looks like a great time!

Bonnie said...

Must be nice to be married to a chef! Does he cook for ya'll all the time? I need some cooking lessons :P I'm not that great of a cook.

Les said...

We are moving to LR from the Fort Smith will be an adventure for me because I hate traffic and have a horrible sense of direction! Thank goodness for GPS. I may have some questions for you once we get moved!

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