Sunday, March 28, 2010

The End of Spring Break '10

Yes the time has come. I did have a wonderful, equally productive and relaxing spring break. Monday I went to the eye doctor and met with our accountant to get our tax stuff together. Tuesday I laid on the couch. Wednesday I ran some errands around town and went to lunch with Coby. Aren't lunch dates the best? Thursday...don't remember. But Friday, Friday I spent 7 hours cleaning the house! Top to bottom. Scrubbed baseboards, walls, cabinets, doors, and floors. Shampooed the carpet, swept, vacuumed, and mopped, and scrubbed the bathrooms. We are having Easter lunch at our house so hopefully there won't be too much to clean before then. Yesterday we spent the day at the lake letting the dogs swim and visited with Coby's mom, grandparents, and aunt.
We are also in the search for a new car for me. I drive a wonderful 2000 Honda Civic (want it? e-mail me). We are looking at the 2010 Chevy Equinox(es?). They are super nice. I was just wanting something a little bigger and wanting to sell my Honda while I can still get a little money out of it.

We have also booked a trip to San Francisco over fourth of July. We are SUPER excited. We wavered awhile over whether or not we should go but we decided there is never the "perfect" time to take a big trip and we should "just do it" (thank you 90's nike).
So that's that. Work starts back and it's the busy season. Evaluations on most of my kids and parent conferences with all of them. ~2 months left until summer! (Hopefully it will start to warm up a bit by then).


The Shepherds said...
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The Shepherds said...

How great that you still get a spring break!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hey friend-
I'll be thinking of you during this busy time at school. I totally feel ya with the many evals and conferences. Whew! ;) Love ya.

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