Thursday, March 3, 2011

21 weeks

Can you believe I am actually posting during the week! I have a few things to catch up on. Here are some more ultrasound photos of Keller...
It's a BOY!! (he's going to be so embarrassed in 15 years;)

The top of his head with his hands up by his face.

His arm and hand. I love this one!

Spine and ribs.

His face. Kinda resembles Skelator here, but you can see some chubby cheeks! Wish we would have gotten a good profile picture.

His legs all stretched out. This is another one of my favorites.

And finally a belly picture of me at 21 weeks. This is the best picture of about 20 that Coby took while saying "work it girl, work it". Hence this might be the only belly pic we will get.

We have picked out paint for Keller's room. We have a painter coming on Saturday!Green as an accent wall and taupe color for the rest of the walls. The green in the picture looks a little much but I promise it isn't so yellowing, neon in real life. Both the green and taupe match the colors in his bedding.

An here is a picture of the car seat we got. I know it's still early but I found this online at Albee Baby. I had looked all over for the Graco Infant Snugride22 and could never find the color or fabric I liked. I wanted something easy to wipe down and a solid color (no Winnie the Poo print please). I figured the car seat is one of the most used and seen baby item for the first few months so I went ahead and got what I wanted while I could.

Well I think I am about all caught up. Now I have to go figure out what we're having for dinner. I had planned for chicken tacos but forgot to defrost the chicken.
P.S. You like the new layout? I did the header myself (after 2 hours of panic that I had deleted my whole blog).

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Eve said...

Hooray for little boys! I like the green that you picked. Have I missed a picture of the bedding? You should definitely take a few more belly pictures as you progress. It is amazing what your body can do!

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