Friday, March 4, 2011

Boy oH Boy

I was telling Coby the other day how he was so lucky this little one is a boy because we would have to refinance the house to afford all the cute girls clothes I see. I had always heard people say how much easier it is to find cute girl clothing but never realized how true it is until I started looking. Cute and stylish boy clothing is so much harder to come by. Most of it is plain or has some sort of cartoon on it. To each his own but I have always said that my kids would not wear character clothing (i.e. Bob the Builder, Transformers). I'm sure I will eat my words later. So far I have only picked up a few (2) outfits for Keller. On was from Target and is a green polo shirt under a cute pair of "train conductor" overalls. I LOVE little boys in overalls!
I have been scouring the intranets for some crafty boy ideas and it just so happens that Dana at MADE started her Celebrate the Boy 2011 the week we found out we were having a boy. This site is great and she always has wonderful ideas, great tutorials, and links to other crafters.
I have also been looking through Etsy and found lots of cute things.
Here are some pictures and the shops they come from...

I love little boys in hats and beanies. I think it's the boy version of the bow.

This one is definitely on the wishlist.

I also think these little jon jons are cute but I just don't know if they are my style or if Coby would let me get anywhere near his boy with the intentions of putting this on him.
Shrimp & Grits Kids
As you can see most of the items I love are more like accessories.


Brandon and Kari + 1 said...

We are expecting a little boy any day now...believe me little boys are soooo much fun to buy for too...he has a whole dresser & closet full already :) Have fun!!!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Hi!!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post! I'm so excited to read your blog!

And omg I could have written this post myself last year at this time.

Where do I begin? We DO NOT do crazy animals, no sayings like "big guy", nothing too printed. And I have had the HARDEST time buying clothes. I will say I have saved money, because like you, we'd be in debt up to our eyeballs because of hairbows if we had a girl.

I like to shop at Baby Gap - probably 50% of Trey's clothes are from there. They have great sales, clearance and the quality is good. I don't care what anyone says even though they are little babies the quality makes a difference when you have to wash something so many times bc they spit up or pooped. I like Old Navy for some things, we do some surf stores around here that carry baby clothes, or quicksilver stuff online, Carters (but only for sleepers and plain stuff, that place is full of cute stuff for girls, but tacky for boys), Kohls (again, for Carters things), Etsy, SheShe Made (custom clothes - she's amazing), Kellys Kids, some local boutiques and Target.

Hope this helped some? It is hard with boys. I feel like Trey looks so boring sometimes because he usually ends up with simple clothes - but better than "Mommy's Little Man" plastered across it with a crazy looking dinosaur (or monkey, or bear... you know what I mean).

p.s. My husband hates the jon jons on Trey. I've managed to get him in a few pairs but it's a struggle...

The Shepherds said...

I totally agree, Liza! I was against characters and goofy stuff too. I will say that I've mellowed some over time. I still remember Sam's first Thomas shirt because he loved Thomas so much. But one reason it was such a milestone is because I had avoided characters so much:). I shopped at Target and Baby Gap mostly. Mike didn't like the rompers and smocked stuff either, but I think for church and in summer they can be really sweet.:)

mrsashcake said...

LOVE the aviator sunglasses onesie... that is too cute!

Our Journey to Africa said...

As a mother of three boys I can say we made it six years before mine ever really requested a "character shirt" and that was ONLY because someone gave us a hand-me-down t-shirt with super mario brothers on it....needless to say, it's a play shirt.

Definitely check out Etsy and the boutiques that Beach Bum mentioned. Boys can be so simple to dress if you have some good staples like great jeans, overalls, and khakis. Then you can afford to spend a little more on the cute shirts like the sunglasses onesie--too cute not to buy!

Can't wait to meet Keller!

Bonnie said...

I got Jarrett's "coming home" gown Bella Bliss. I loooooved it! I know its a little expensive, but I figured I would keep it forever :P And, its 100% pima cotton. (so soft) I had Jarrett's initials monogrammed.

I also LOVE these sacks for babies too. They are so cute!

Kristin is a rep for them. Maybe you can get her to give you a discount ;) I love the blue giraffe one!

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