Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011!!

Yes, last week was spring break around here. What did we do you ask? Well, Coby had his back surgery on Thursday of last week. So our week has been spent at home trying to heal and get some rest. He went in Thursday for a two level disc replacement and spinal fusion. His surgery was scheduled for 2:30 but it didn't actually start until 4:00. The surgery lasted about 3 hours and everything is going well so far. We spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in the hospital and were able to go home on Sunday afternoon. His pain level is okay most of the time but nights are the worst. He gets real stiff and sore if his goes to long with out getting up and walking. He was also running a low grade fever for a few nights. Needless to say neither of us has had more than 2.5-3 hours of straight sleep in a week. I just keep telling myself that this is just training for when Keller gets here.
Other than napping and handing out pain meds this week a few other exciting this have happened. We got the new iPad 2. I am actually typing this post from it now. So far I love it. I finished my first book on it this morning, "The Help". Any suggestions for my next one?
Keller's bedding also came in. I think it looks really great.

I haven't even started any of the decorating ideas I had for his room. I had planned on at least painting the letters of his name that will hang above his crib. I also have had some other cute ideas that I need to get started on. But the good thing is all the furniture is in and now its just the fun decorating things left. I am also on the hunt for a navy rug. I don't know why rugs have to be so expensive!
We ventured out of the house today and went to eat fish at my parents. Coby still has two more weeks off from work before the doctor will released him. I, on the other hand go back to work on Monday. Only about 3 months left! Keller will be here before we know it. I!ll be 25 weeks tomorrow. Maybe I'll post a belly picture sometime next week, when I actually get out of my sweatpants;)

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Our Journey to Africa said...

Yes, you MUST post a belly picture! Can't wait to see you pregnant! I hope you're enjoying your pregnancy. Some women love it and some hate it. I love, love, love it (at least during the second trimester :)
Love you guys!

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