Thursday, August 25, 2011

And the little one said roll over

We have had a busy week. I went to book club on Tuesday night. (We read "Little Bee" and it was good.) Although it was enjoyable before it's even nicer now to be able to get out for a little on my own. Even if it's only for an hour or two. I've left Keller with Coby a few times now and feel so lucky to have such great husband who encourages me to get out on my own. At first I felt a little guilty. I suppose all moms do. "what if he gets hungry" "what if he cries" "he'll only be this small for so long I don't want to miss anything". But then I realized how much better I felt when I have a little alone time. My mind is so much clearer and like they say absence make the heart grow fonder. When I get home to my boys I realize all over again how lucky I am.

Coby had to work late on tonight so Keller and I hung out all evening and had a good time. We played and played and talked and talked.

YouTube Video

And then it happened. Keller rolled over for the first time ever! Now I know it was kind of a fluke, totally unintentional, and he probably won't do it again anytime soon but it was still exciting. Of course I didn't catch it on video the first time but did get him to do it again (with a touch of help) before he got too mad.

YouTube Video

This boy is growing so fast and I want it all to slow down but it's also exciting to see him learn new things.

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