Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby item love

Some things that have helped us survive the first month or so.

The Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper. This has been so handy. It's a quick assembly, very portable, and folds/unfolds with one hand. Keller slept in this when he was still in our room and during the day I moved it into the den for him to nap in. We also take it to my parents so he has some thing to sit in and took it to Branson. So much easier to transport and set up than a pack and play. I even have one at work that he sleeps and plays in while we are there. It's also slightly inclined which would help a kid with bad reflux and it will rock on it's own when on a non carpeted floor.

Infant mittens and pjs (gowns) with fold over hands. We used these a lot during the first few weeks. Keller constantly kept his hands at his face. His nails grew super fast and even when freshly cut they were still pretty sharp. Everyone said "oh poor baby he doesn't like those mittens on his hands" but really he could have cared less and it was a quick lesson on crazy things people say when you have a baby and how to ignore them.

The Gentle Giraffe. A noise machine with four different settings. They make a sheep too but I like the giraffe because you can position him to help hold in a paci. People will have an opinion about this as well, "he'll smother", but you already learned your lesson about the crazy things people say (see above), right?

Onesies. This might be a given but as a summer baby Keller has lived in these. Just make sure you have enough.

Avent pacifiers. We went through two different types and I though he just wasn't going to take one. We finally tried a 0-3 month Avent and he likes it best. He still isn't a huge fan but it helps when he is really fussy or hungry and we are trying to get to a place where he can eat.
Side note: Avent has 0-3 month and 0-6 month pacifiers. Anyone know what the difference is? You would think it would be 0-3 month and 3-6 month.

Medela breast pump and my boobies. For obvious reasons. Breastfeeding has gone really well for us (knock on wood) and I am truly grateful because I have heard how difficult it can be. The pump has been great (after a quick visit with the laceration consultant). I can't imagine using a hand pump especially when I go back to work.

Summer Swaddlers from Target. These have worked best for us. The Velcro works great and keeps him contained but not to tight. They are also quick and easy to get him into. We have a miracle blanket but just have not used it as much, he is able to wiggle himself out of it. One downfall is that the Velcro is pretty loud during a middle of the night diaper change.

Gauze blankets. I use these to swaddle him during nap time and they are also great covers while inside. Not too hot for the summer time but also keeps him from getting chilled in the air conditioning.

And last but not least our stroller, its a BOB. We had to wait a few weeks before it came in because it was on back order, and it's a little pricey but totally worth it. I researched, a lot. I knew we would be using it a lot for walks and some for indoor shopping. This stroller has been great for both. It turns in a small radius, has shocks for bumpy surface and for bouncing when he's fussy, and the canopy pulls down very low. It fold up and unfolds within seconds. It it a little big when folded but I've come to realize that most strollers, with the exception of umbrella strollers, do take up some trunk space. This will be our one and only stroller and will last us until Keller refuses to get in it. It will also hold some resale value in a few years. Over all though we LOVE this stroller and would buy it again.

Some advise (from a rookie mom) on baby item purchases. Get the basics. Onesies, diapers, wipes, blankets. You can purchase other items with gift cards as the need arises. Lots of the items that seem like a really good idea probably won't get used but a few times. When making big purchase really think about your needs and what your baby will like. We ended up buying a swing and a bouncy seat after he was born but he still doesn't love them. I got both on sale so not that big of a deal but both do not have enough movement for him. If I had to do it again I might look into a mamma roo. Again think of you and your babies needs and spend a little more on an item that will really be used. Buying a bunch of other items will add up quickly.

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I've seen those sleeper/rocker things a few places, glad you liked it! And I'm jealous about the BOB.

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