Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday Fun Day (sorta)

I'm really trying to get some of this pre pregnancy "overweight weight" and post pregnancy weight off. A week after having Keller I was down 50 lbs which sounds like a huge number but really it was mostly water weight. But that did put me at about 10 lbs lighter then pre pregnancy. The sad part is I could still stand to loose another 30-40 lbs. If I wanted to be at college weight it would be 60 lbs but that is a dream I have given up. I have traded in working out for two hours a day and eating salad for 90% of my meals for real adult life. So 40 lbs down would be great.
Now that I am feeling more like myself after delivery I've decided I need to keep the ball rolling. So I signed up for Stroller Strides. and so far I'm loving it. I wanted to do something but again was struggling with leaving Keller and finding time. This is perfect. I take him with me, have a good workout, and get to meet other moms.
Speaking of strollers have I mentioned out much we love ours? It's a BOB and totally worth it. I plan on doing a baby items post later and will talk more about it.
Anyway, Keller and I went to the park on Friday morning to workout. He spit up a few times which he doesn't normally do. When we got home he was having some trouble breathing. Not turning blue or anything, but breathing quickly and loudly like he was struggling a little. I called the doctor a few times, it got a little worse and so we finally went in. They took some blood and a chest x-ray. Everything came back normal. The doctor seems to think he is developing some reflux and the stomach acid might have irritated his esophagus. A few hours later he was sounding like normal again and he is now on reflux meds. So glad everything is ok but it was scary there for a awhile but it makes me so thankful for a healthy baby. I can't imagine the stress that parents of really sick children are under.
After an eventful morning and a good nap everyone was feeling much better. The weather was amazing outside so we decided to take Keller to his first Travelers baseball game. We sat on the berm in the outfield. I just kept thinking about how fun It will be to take him when he is a little older and can run around and eat hot dogs and cotton candy. But for now we'll take him like this.

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