Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hey Batter, Batter, Batter!

Coby and I drove up to Fayetville on Saturday and watched the diamond hogs play the second game of their 3 game series against the Georgia Bulldogs. They had won their game on Friday and won the game on Saturday 10-2. So far they are ahead 6-2 today. I love baseball and we had been wanting to make it to a game all year. The weather was sketchy and not soon after we got there did is start to drizzle. Then it rained, not hard. Just enough to annoy until the last inning when it let up. The weather did not ruin our fun though. We just bundled up under a blanket and poncho.
We sat behind the bullpen in stadium seating. Behind us was a grassy area where you can bring in your own coolers, bbq, and bag-o. $10 a ticket. Not bad for an afternoon of fun.

These boys enjoyed heckling the Bulldog outfielders who coincidentally had a good amount of errors.

This was us at the beginning of the game.

And a self portrait at the end.

Since the dogs were left at home ALL day yesterday we took them to climb Pinnacle this morning, then to chase the ball at the park. After the park we went to the grocery store then came home and made yummy tuna sandwiches for lunch. Now all my boys are sleeping. Laundry is caught up and the grocery shopping is done. I think I'll browse the web then maybe take a nap.
Good weekends to you.

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