Friday, April 30, 2010

this, that, and tornados

Just a few thoughts while I sit here listening to the tornado sirens. (they passed under us but did cause a lot of damage, injuries, and deaths- please keep those affected in your prayers)

I got my order in yesterday from and I am very please. The order came very quicky and the shampoo caps were taped down and cleaning products sealed in ziplock bags to prevent leakage.
Have you heard of 3 seams ministry? It's kinds like TOMS but for little girls dresses. Would make a great gift.
Finally. Go read this article. It's about the "darker side" of farmers markets. That's why we choose to go to the market in the Argenta District. Here's a snip-it.
"Three years ago, Jody Hardin, a fifth-generation vegetable and livestock farmer from Grady, Ark., quit the Little Rock River Market and launched a rival "source-verified" market. He says he grew tired of competing with "entrenched peddlers" selling non-local food. He recalls a reseller who brought strawberries from California and repackaged them in green cartons with Arkansas-grown labels and a rock-bottom price."
Oh-Oh. Here comes round 2. Gotta go put the dogs back in the bathroom.
Stay safe.

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