Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Props to You

So I am home today with some sort of eye funk. Eww I know. The eye doctor recommended to stay home for the day. Doctors orders, eh? So I've been wanting to give props to some people who have made my life easier/improved my life by sharing what works for them. I am all about sharing anything that will make life better.
First is Kat. She did this post the other day about Something I had never heard of but decided to check out. I made my first order two days ago and got an e-mail yesterday saying it had shipped. is an online shopping system, if you will, that lets you order all basic household items. They have t-p, OTC medicines, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, and much more. It will let you compare lots of products by price and price per unit (which i love and wal-mart does not have). It will also let you set up a reminder system for when you need to order certain things. All shipping is free and I have found that the prices are very comparable to shopping in a store.
Second is Emily. She did this post on C25K. I am really trying to exercise more. I used to run ~everyday and just got out of the habit. I am really trying to loose some weight before we go to San Francisco. (i am doing weight watchers and that is why i have not had meal plan mondays in awhile-lean cuisines wouldn't really fill a post) (AND i have lost 7 pounds already!) Anyway, C25K (couch to 5K) is an iphone app that allows you to upload your own play list then sets you up on a running/walking schedule. A voice tells you "RUN", "WALK", "YOU ARE 1/2 WAY DONE", and "THIS IS YOUR LAST RUN"-that one's my favorite. They have a website too.
So these are the tidbit of shared info that might help you. Pay it forward, right? Now I must put a cold compress on my eyes.

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The Shepherds said...

I'm little behind on my blogs bc we have started our big move. I'm rocking Will, so that gives me an excuse to slack off for a min...Glad I inspired you to Get that app, but I'm thinking it's a bit unfair that you've already lost 7 lbs. I'm only down about 3! Maybe I need to do WW too:). Hope your eye funk is better!

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