Friday, April 23, 2010

Must Love Dogs

Today Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Your Life: How You Met Your Husband. I thought I would share our story since our 2 year wedding anniversary is next weekend (May 2nd) and I have never shared this story on here.
Around July of 2007 I was living by myself in my newly purchased house (February of 2007). I decided that I needed a dog. So I went to Helping Little Paws and fell in love with this face.

Soon after one of my dear college friends, Carrie, moved in while she was finishing up speech pathology school in LR. I got into the habit of either taking Chox down to the dog park after work or going for a walk at Murry Park (near the dog park). One time while down at the dog park with Chox I saw this tall cute guy in a ball cap. I'm a sucker for guys in baseball caps. He was playing fetch with his handsome black lab and didn't really seem to interested in anything else.

I took note and went home and told Carrie "there was this really cute guy at the park" and left it at that. About a week later Carrie and I went walking and I told her "that guy's car is at the park" (yes I saw what car he had gotten into when he left/that has caused my husband to call me a stalker as in "she was a totally stalking me) and left it like that. Another week later and I took Chox to the park again, and "that cute guy" was there. I saw it as God/the universe telling me to go for it. I worked up the courage and walked over by the cute guy and his handsome dog. I don't even remember if I spoke first or what I said, but it was very small talk. I was super nervous. Not being accustomed to taking to random guys without a little liquid courage;) Anyway that conversation sort of fizzeled away as it got dark and everyone started to leave the park. We said a quick "nice to meet you" and then left. In my car I was thinking "welp, that didn't go so well". I pulled out of the parking lot and turned down the opposite way of my house but toward the gas station (I was running on empty). As I pulled into the gas station I saw that he had pulled in next to me. I panicked for a minute thinking "this guy just followed me" but then the whole God/universe thing kicked in and I rolled down my window. He said "I just wanted to day that it was nice to meet you" I responded with, after summoning up all the courage I had left, "you too, you should call me some time". Then I gave him my number and he drove off. WHAT!? I just gave some random guy my phone number? That anxiety lasted about 10 minutes then I got over it. It just felt right. I rushed home and told Carrie all about it.
The rest is really history. He called, we talked, we meet again at the dog park a few times, then we went out one our real first date, we fell quickly in love, and married.
People always ask if "the boys" (Chox-brown dog, Tasso-black dog) got along. The answer is YES they loved each other from the start, too.

And they lived happily ever after.


The Shepherds said...

Liza, that is such a cute story!! And something I was wondering about!

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Whitney Molder said...

I love this!! :) I'm glad I've found your blog as well.

(And the proposal with the bowling ball was a few weeks after being engaged and he decided to re-propose with a bigger "rock". He's goofy!)

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