Saturday, June 18, 2011

And So It Begins...

And not I'm not talking about labor. I'm referring to those last stages of pregnancy. The ones that people keep warning me about. "I was so uncomfortable that last month", "Are you miserable yet? No? Well you will be", "I bet that baby can't come soon enough". Up till now I have felt pretty good and really feel like I have been very lucky. I'm not saying I'm absolutely miserable but I will say I'm glad I only have a few weeks left. My legs, ankles, and feet continue to swell, esp. on days when I'm pretty active. At night they feel so sore like someone has beaten them with a bamboo cane and left them black and blue. The bigger I get the harder it is to move around, get out of the car or roll over in bed. I'm even to the size that I have to straddle the toilet in most public restrooms just so the door has enough room to swing in. I can't imagine how those ladies who have litters of babies must feel. All of that being taken into account I still consider myself lucky and all these "issues" are par for the course. The worst, most unbearable problem has been heartburn, indigestion, GERD, reflux, or whatever you want to call it. I'll call it third degree acid burn of the esophagus. You might think I am over exaggerating a touch but really I'm not. It started during the beginning of the second trimester and has continued. I started out with Tums then got the ok from my dr. to start taking Prevacid daily. It was ok as long as I was taking it but if I missed a day I knew it instantly. A few days ago I ran out of my magic pills and was feeling pretty good so I did not buy anymore. I thought that Keller had dropped a little and in turn the reflux had gone away. I was wrong. I went to dinner with friends last night and made the poor, poor choice of enjoying some Bang, Bang Shrimp at Bonefish. As soon as I laid down in bed I knew I was in for it. Coby had been going since four in the morning and didn't get home until 11:00. I had taken a few Tums, but was still in pain.

I fell asleep for about an hour then woke up and tried to sleep, unsuccessfully, in the recliner. At about two in the morning I headed to the store for some Prevacid. Apparently Walgreens is not twenty-four hours so I drove all the way out to Wal-mart where I made this purchase...

Almond milk, my friends, is like nectar from the gods for a bad case of reflux.
By the time I got home the Prevacid had kicked in and a glass of milk made my throat feel much better. I was able to sleep for a few hours. I know this sounds dramatic, and I really am not trying to complain. I would endure this again with no meds if it meant getting Keller here.
As I was in the store I notice the expiration date on the milk.

I took me a second comprehend. I have been so focused on 7-10-11 (give or take a few days ;) that I realized, at 2:30 in the morning at Wal-Mart, that the days will continue to pass even after Keller is here. Things will continue to happen, like this milk will spoil after he is here. Such a weird yet exciting thought.


Ashley Paige said...

Omygosh, just when i thought i'd forgotten all about how awful my heartburn was towards the second HALF of my pregnancy.. and just when i thought i'd be hopping on the "2 under 2" train.. you write this post.. and i remmeber the agony. It's not for sissies!! thats for sure! so glad you were able to find sweet relief! have a great weekend, girl!

Eve said...

oh sweetie. that post gave me chills thinking about how hard it is to get comfortable those last weeks. Hang in there and get those feet up!

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