Friday, June 10, 2011

Week 35!!

About two weeks away from full term!!!People keep asking me "aren't you hot what with this weather and being pregnant?". Truthfully everyone is hot. I'm still feeling pretty good. Sleep is getting to be a little more inconsistent. Harder to get comfortable and bathroom breaks at least 3 times per night. My feet are starting to swell quite a bit. I think it's mostly from the heat and being so busy lately. I thought my blood pressure might be little high yesterday morning but when I checked it again it was normal. I don't think the machine monitor at Kroger is very accurate. Hopefully with school being over I can now get some last minute things finished. I need to finish up his laundry, get our bags packed, get the car seat in the car, and I'm sure some other things I'm forgetting. We went for another 3-D ultrasound last week and will go again next Friday. Keller is ~6 pounds already!!They say it can be 10 oz either way so we'll see!! The nurse also said she could see some hair. I have had the worst indigestion which they say is a sign of a lot of hair.

Isn't he a pudge?! Coby says he will be the arm wrestling champion of the world;)

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