Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Practice Run

We had a doctors appt yesterday (38 weeks 3 days). She checked me and much to my dismay there was no progress. My blood pressure was, what the nurse called, borderline, and my feet and legs are still swelling like crazy. As in turning a slight shade of purple at some points during the day. I had also expressed some concern that Keller had not really been moving much that morning or the day before.

Sunday night he was kicking and punching a ton but I rarely felt him all day Monday. Very unlike him. He did get the hiccups twice Monday night and I also got the doppler out and I knew everything was ok. Just a little concerned because he was not acting like himself. Funny how he is not even here but I know his patterns and a little of his personality.

My doctor decided to play it safe (which I appreciate) and sent us to labor and delivery to be monitored for a few hours. After a mini breakdown, mostly because I was unprepared, we were at L&D. I never thought we would stay, it was just surprising to be in the place we would soon be having Keller. On the plus side I now kind of know what to expect when the real time comes.

After they got me hooked up Keller, obviously, started moving like crazy. Making momma look like a crazy person. I should have known. He does NOT like having anything rest on him. If I rest a bowl, plate, or even my iPad on my belly he will instantly start kicking on it until I move it. He didn't not like the monitors strapped on "his house" and started kicking. The nurse said he looked great the whole time. Coby was fantastic. Stayed with me the whole time. And might have even got a mid-day snooze in;)

My blood pressure went down just a little once I was laying down for a while. I think the highest it got was ~133/87. My doctor released us asking me to take it easy and not go back to work. I was only going in for a few hours in the afternoon so not a big deal. I've been laying around today. Trying to get a few things around the house finished but taking plenty of breaks. Coby is stopping by my parents house before he comes home tonight to pick up a blood pressure monitor just to be safe.

We are REALLY ready for you to come now Keller!!

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Eve said...

So exciting! i hope your blood pressure cooperates from here on out. I say go ahead and eat all the watermelon you want. it's just water, right? :) I am so excited for you and Coby.

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