Friday, June 24, 2011

Sunday School Shower

Anytime now baby Keller. We are ready for you!! I did my last camp training session of the summer on Wednesday and VBS just wrapped up last night. Those were the last two items on the agenda that I was holding out for, but now those are finished Keller can come anytime. We went to the doctor last Monday and not much was happening. Our next appointment is Tuesday morning so we'll see.
I've been up since 4:30 this morning. Couldn't go back to sleep but it's just now 8:00 and I've completed half of my to-do list. Left on the agenda today is to get Keller's car seat installed, finish up some laundry, and write some thank you notes. The girls in my Sunday School class gave me an amazing shower last weekend. We made personal pizza and had salad and yummy cake. Keller got tons of cute clothes and some really great practical things as well. I still can't believe how blessed we have been. Here are some pictures.
Here I am offically "full term" before the shower. 37 weeks.

Some of the girls.

Adorable diaper cake!

Burp cloth!!

Hopefully the next time I post it will have a picture of our sweet baby boy!!

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Bonnie said...

Yeah! He will be here soon :) Praying for you!

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