Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dogs life

So we have two dogs. They are our babies, the reason we met, fell in love, and are now expecting a baby. Most people ask how we think they will do once Keller is here. Chox, the brown one, can be a bit needy. He enjoys attention and being petted. He will lay next to you IF you are giving him lovins', if not he could care less. He has been know to get jealous of Tasso, i.e. will bite his back legs if Tasso is getting petted. He has also been know to chew a few non-dog items if he is mad at you. But he is funny, smart, entertaining, and generally obedient. I am not really worried about him and Keller. He might take a toy that does not belong to him but other than that he will be fine if we set, and enforce, the rules right away.
Tasso is the opposite. He is a lover all around. He loves his tennis ball and the water, but he loves Coby even more. He is his shadow. If Coby goes outside without him he will watch out the window and whine until he comes back in. He always lays next to Coby in the bed, (don't judge, it's a whole other post), with his head on his chest. BUT, Sunday night he jumped into the bed a made a little spot next to me and laid his head on my chest. In three years he has NEVER done this. I thought surely he knows something I don't. I was hoping he was thinking I was going to go into labor. Now I think maybe he knew my BP was a little high. Who knows? But he has not left my side. Even when Coby is home. He follows me around the house and even into the bathroom.
Next to me on the couch. It's hard to get a good picture of him since he is so black.

This is what I see when I roll over in the morning.

If only he could talk!

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