Tuesday, February 9, 2010

and now we thaw

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and life feels like it might return to it's normal routine in the next day or so, maybe. Weather man is predicting the possibility of snow during the end of the week, and we all know how accurate these kind of predictions are. The snow caused a few problems for us over the last few days. I took my car to the shop on Sunday night to get some routine repairs done. My dad let me borrow his TrailBlazer for Monday. Waking up to snow I realized I would be going no where and my dad would need his car. Coby went from work to pick up my dad and take him to our house to get his car. With the weather they were unable to fix the car yesterday but I just called and they said it would be ready this afternoon. With me traveling between schools and Coby going into work at 6:00 most days it's hard when there is only one car. Do I sound like a greedy westerner or what? At least its a high MPG civic.
The power went out for about and hour yesterday. I wasn't at all surprised that we lost it but was surprised it came back on so quickly. We are known to loose power quite frequently and I think a few squirrels are to blame.
I was sitting in the recliner yesterday and started to hear a "plink, plink, plink". I got up only to discover that our roof was leaking!!! We JUST had it inspected for insurance purposes and they said everything looked good. Huph. It was over the tiled laundry room, thankfully. It was an addition and has a flat roof that doesn't drain well. I put buckets and towels out. Coby came home and got up on the roof to shovel snow and poor hot buckets of water down the gutters. We'll see if insurance will pay for repairs.

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