Sunday, February 14, 2010

So Romantical

I really had a wonderful Valentine's weekend and I hope you all did as well. Friday night my wonderful husband rented "Couples Retreat" (it was okay) and we had a nice quiet evening at home. Saturday I spent the morning doing a training session at camp then went with a friend, Dave, to look at some houses. He and my good friend Dee are planning on moving soon but she had to study for her CPA exam all day Saturday so I went with Dave to have a woman's perspective. And I love looking at houses even when I'm not the one looking. When I got home Saturday evening my wonderful hubby had dinner ready. I think Valentine's Day is the absolute BEST holiday to be married to a chef. Look at what he cooked up for me.
A seared Ahi tuna salad.

Pan seared lamb with green beans and puple potatos (yes they really are purple, no food coloring).

And for dessert. Vanilla bean creme brule with carmelized strawberries.

After dinner we had plans to go see "Valentine's Day" but the line was crazy and the only seats left were in the very front. So we got a refund on the tickets and took a long drive around the city.
When we got home we had some wine, and chocolate covered strawberries (isn't he wonderful) and watched last weeks SNL and the olympics.

I made him an altered book about how much I love him. Mushy, right? More on this in another post.
He got me a new camera bag and fisheye lenses.

Sunday we got up and cleaned the house then headed Hot Springs to go to the races. I was going to use my new lense but it started snowing, hard, and I was afraid to have my camera get to wet. We didn't win (I never win) but we had a good time anyway. Now we are back home to a clean house and warm fire. A perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
Thanks baby, for being the best husband in the world. My life would have never been complete without you. Love you big time.

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Becky said...

That food looks amazing! I'm salivating just looking at it! Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentines Day! We watched Couples Retreat too this weekend, it was okay like you said...I've just been walking around the house calling Terence "Daddy" I think he's getting tired of it! LOL!

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