Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy weekends are the BEST!

Our weekend has been very low key. Friday night we went to our niece, Peri's, gymnastic meet. Super cute but good gracious they ALL (~40 girls) did their floor routine to the SAME song. It was about 60 mintues too much of a jazzy little instrumental number. BUT, Peri did great and had a wonderful time. There are pictures below. Speaking of pictures go here for a GREAT tutorial on SLR basics.
I have finished the Twilight series, and Breaking Dawn was definatly my favorite in the series. I finished the second half on Saturday (ignoring the dirty house) curled up on the couch. Now I miss my mortal, immortal, and supernatural friends. Anxiously awaiting to see them again on the big screen. 
We went to church today then out to lunch with my parents. We came home cleaned the house and now my lovely husband in preparing dinner (grilled salmon and vegetables). There are many superbowl parties being held today but Coby dislikes watching "big" games with lots of other people. Fine with me. I'm in my pj's and it's only 4:30.
It's almost Valentine's Day and I am so excited. I have my Valentine's Day exchange present ready to go as well a special something I am working on for Coby. I can't wait to post pictures next Sunday!I'm off to work on our dinner menu for next week!

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