Monday, February 8, 2010


It is snowing, and THIS is NOT Arkansas snow. We're not talking a light little dusting we are talking snowclumps falling from the sky. The weather man (who we trust, right?) says to expect 6-8"!!!! I'm thinking we will be in school until the end of JULY! Here are some videos and pictures.

Chox being the pestering little brother that he is.

Tasso and his ball. (He was in a panic when we first went out because the snow had covered it.)

Chox loves to eat the snow!

I wish I would have sped up my shutter speed. Oh well is was cold.


Eve said...

I am waiting on Pujols's DNA results to come back. Do you know what kind of dog Chox is? How big is he? Pujols is about 55 pounds and so far can only be categorized as "Arkansas Brown Dog." :)

kitchen koala said...

Snowclumps! That's a lot of snow you're getting...Were you guys prepared? I've never been snowed in before (we used to live in Oregon), but I would imagine it could be pretty scary!

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