Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do You Know Her?

My cousin Audrey introduced me to the Pioneer Woman. She is great. Funny. Lots of recipes. Great photography tips and activities. I referenced some of her tutorials here. She has a group going on know about shallow depth-of-field. You can upload your pictures to her Flickr group. Here are a few of the pictures I am going to upload.


kitchen koala said...

Great photos! My favorite is the one of your sweet doggy. One day I'll invest in a nicer camera that my ole' point-n-shoot. Hope you guys can thaw out some after all that cold & snowy weather!

I've got an award for you on my blog; come check it out!

Eve said...

I know her and love her. I made the Drip Beef for our super bowl party and it was a huge hit! I worked on my camera skills this weekend, too. Seems like you and I are having lots in common!
Pujols came from CARE here in LR. He was found in a park with his brother back in April of last year, and we got him when he was five months old. I'll post when I hear back from his DNA results!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful photos & yes, we have been stuck inside most of our visit, but flying out tomorrow. I got to visit with Kristin & her kids today for a little bit. Her 3 kids + my baby all in a Starbucks = CRAZY!! I got out of my car & realized Jarrett's bottle was missing & one of Kristin's kids had thrown it away. She went back inside & dug it out, ha!
Hope ya'll are keeping warm!

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