Sunday, February 21, 2010

weekend ways

Not a very exciting weekend but I like it that way most times. We went to shutter island Saturday it was good, one we might rent when it comes out. Saturday night was pizza and Razorback basketball game played to the wire with a poor outcome. I also made reservations for dinner and a room at James At The Mill and Inn At The Mill. We have tickets to a game in Fayetville in a few weekends so we thought we would make it a weekend. While I was in the traveling mode I planned us a trip to San Francisco over July 4th. A ways out but I like to be prepared. Anyone been there? Any tips or suggestions? Leaving you with some silly video of Tasso talking like Chewbacca (or Chubaca, can anyone clarify?). And a picture of Chox in trouble. He had his whole head in the bag at one point but I couldn't get the camera fast enough


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