Tuesday, February 16, 2010

so i can sew

Dorothy from Kitchen Koala finally received her package I sent for our Valentine's Exchange. Here is what I sent her.
A lovely apron.

And coordinating kitchen towels and over sized hot plate holder.

I figured I would make her something that might be somewhat functional. What with her kitchen skillz and all. Go to her blog to see better pictures.
I also said I would talk a little more about the "altered book" I made Coby for Valentine's Day. I went to Barnes and Noble and found a hardboard book in the children's are on sale for $3. (It was rather large and long. I recommend something a little smaller for your first one.) I stopped by Hobbily Lobbily and picked up some scrapbooking material and modge podge. Altering a book is basically like scrapbooking but not so many pages, with more of a theme, and I think it allows for a little bit more creativity. I covered all the pages with different sheets of paper with the modge podge. Then I cut out some pictures and wrote out some thoughts and poems on the pages. I then went back and added a little more decorative detail. Then I coated the whole thing with a little more modge podge. (WARNING: make sure ALL pages are COMPLETELY dry before closing or they will obviously-or not quite so obviously- stick.) I loved this project and will defiantly try it again. Please feel free to ask any more specific questions. It made for a great gift. Coby was totally impressed and it is something he can keep forever.
The base product.

The front cover. (Please excuse the sappiness.)

The back cover.

The spine.

Some pages in between.

Now I am off to eat some yummy chicken gumbo in honor of Fat Tuesday and watch some LOST!


katandkarl said...

that apron is to die for!! so cute!

kitchen koala said...

Yes! It is so cute! :) LOVE the covered book idea as well; very creative!

Mod Podge Amy said...

How sweet!!!

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