Saturday, July 17, 2010

Much to do about nothing.

I guess all that organizing did me in because today has been a big day of nuthin'! Coby seems to have injured his back and really hasn't felt like doing to much. The fact that I have had macaroni and cheese for lunch and dinner today, and that I spent the entire day in this, shows that I obviously had no objection.

It's a maxi night gown. Or like I like to call it, a modern day moo-moo. Check out Urban Dictionary's definition.
(Audrey, these are synonymous with Aunt Shir in my mind;)

Anyway. I love my modern day moo-moo. So comfortable and cool for the summer time.
Back to my day. We lazed about. Watched John Cusack's movie 2012. Horrible. I would have been really mad if I would have had something better to be doing. I read a few chapter of The Horse Boy. It's really good and an easy read. They are in the works to make it a movie too.

I made bread yesterday and it turned out really well. Will definitely be doing this more often. It is SO much better than store bought. I even read some of the book Bread Maker's Apprentice today and am excited about trying out a few other types of bread.

I also cut up a huge watermelon and juiced it in our Jack Lalanne juicer. It made the HUGEST mess. I think because the watermelon is mostly liquid. Other fruits and vegetables have more pulp so the juice doesn't come out so quick. At any rate it should make some good sorbet. I'll let you know how it turns out.

We have also been watching Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factor. Totally not a show I would have ever thought about watching but Coby convinced me one night and I watched begrudgingly. It is HILARIOUS! You much watch to believe.

Gosh, that was a lot to say about nothing! I have to work the little kids Sunday School tomorrow morning and this post is about the most energy I have exerted today. I guess I'll lay on the couch then head to bed.

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Bonnie said...

I love moo-moo's! When my great-grandma passed away, my Nannie gave me & my sister one of her moo-moo's. I wear it all the time when I'm getting ready. Plus, it makes me think of her.
The watermelon sorbet sounds delish!

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