Saturday, July 10, 2010

San Francisco Day #3

Monday we took the car and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway 1 to Monteray Bay.

We stopped a few times at some great overlooks and some little surf towns.

Once in Monteray we walked one of the piers and much to my delight saw some more of these. I could have spent hours watching them.

After the pier we went to Cannery Row browsed some used book stores, and ate a yummy seafood lunch of fish and shrimp.
On our way back to SF we drove through Gilroy, CA the garlic capital of the world. Boy could you smell it. It burned my nostrils but the drive was beautiful.

We stopped at a rode side stand and got some garlic, of course, and the BEST cherries I have ever eatten in my life! They also sold 7 avocados for $1. I couldn't believe how cheap but know they couldn't make the trip home.
We got back to SF, took a little nap, then went for dinner at Zingary's. A great little Italian spot. I had the seafood ravioli and Coby had wild boar osso buco. It was very yummy. Something a little different for us. I can't remember the last time we ate Italian. After dinner we went to Ben & Jerry's for a little treat. I have had there ice cream from Kroger before but had never been in the actual store before. We then had a nice walked around Union Square. The weather was great all week and would get down into the 50's at night.

Next, Day #4

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