Saturday, July 10, 2010

San Francisco Day #4

Tuesday we woke up to this outside our window. Big city livin'

Once we got up and got going we found the bus to take us down to the Ferry Building. It is one of SF outdoors farmers' markets as well as an indoor shopping area full of foodie type things. Shops with olive oils, meats, mushrooms,pastas, salts, and kitchen gear. Not suprisingly we spent most of the morning here.

Aren't these beautiful? I promise I did not photoshop the color!

Here are some pictures of the buildings, bridges, and sights of this area.

These guys were doing all sorts of tricks on their bikes in front of the bus stop.

After spending the morning around the Ferry Building we headed back to Union Square and ate a The Burger Bar. They seated us by the window about 9 stories up in the Macy's building. It was little too much for my fear of heights. We ended up moving a table over to enjoy our burgers. I would have taken a picture but again, a little high up.
After a late lunch we went back to the hotel and decided to go an Oakland A's game. They were playing the Yankees. I love baseball and had only been to one professional game many years ago. We got the tickets and then headed down to the stadium on the BART, Bay Area Rapid Transit, their subway. This was the first time for us to ever be on a subway. It was a fun experience. The A's lost but A. Rod hit a grand slam and a home run which made for an exciting game.

Santa was even there! Can you spot him?

Final day in San Fran coming up.

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Made To Organize said...

LOVED all the pictures! Glad you had a great trip...makes me yearn for a vacation EVEN MORE!! It blows my mind to see all of those baseball fans in long pants and some even in pullovers!? It's 107 in Augusta...what was the weather like??

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