Friday, September 10, 2010

Craft Monkey, That Funky Monkey!

My dear friend Carrie is going to have baby Sawyer due on 10-10-10. How fun is that? She and I became good friends in college. She pledged a year or two after me but we became fast friends. You know those people who you have fun with no matter what you are doing, and those people who you can just look at and they know exactly what you are thinking. She is that person to me. She lived with me for a few months while she was finishing up speech pathology school. Soon after she got married then I got married and now she lived in LA. Her baby shower was here a few weekends ago but it was also the same day as my mothers birthday and I was unable to attend. I wanted to make her something special, but it's hard to think of cute boy things to make. Then I saw a picture of a sock monkey and thought I could make one of those. So I did. I just got a pair of socks from Wal-mart but you can order the original socks for the original sock monkey online. I also found lots of variations and lots of tutorials, patterns, and youtube videos. I use a combination of all of these and here is what I came up with. This was a hand stiching and sewing machine project.
Step by step in pictures.
Stuffed body. Attaching arms, tail, and ears.

Full body.


Mouth and felt eyes attached.

I made lots of mistakes and thought that some clothes might spruce him up. So I made a hat, shirt, and t-shirt out of some scrap material. My sewing motto has always been "the more mistakes the more love"!

Then I thought I would make Sawyer a quick matching onesie and blanket.
Here are the appliques I made to use.



Onesie and blanket.

The whole loot.

This project was really pretty simple and could be done easily with all hand stitching. You should give it a try!
Hope he loves it!

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