Friday, September 24, 2010

New York Day #1

Here a recap of our trip. I really wish we could have stayed longer but I'm counting it as an orientation visit to our future trips.
Sunday, after we got in a settled we headed to the subway so we could make our way to Brooklyn where we had dinner reservations. We had some trouble figuring out what kind of card we needed and how to get it. The attendant was less than helpful. After deciding that we had maybe made the right choice we hopped on and made it there with only a few mistakes. It got much easier by the end of the trip. Once in Brooklyn we stopped at a little bar and had a drink then walked around the neighborhood. I really liked this area. It was quite and had a very neighborly feel to it. Then we went to dinner at wd50.

This is a picture I took of the chef, paparazzi style, from the bar across the street. His name is Wylie Dufresne. He has been a judge on Top Chef and competed on Top Chef Masters.

The food was really good. He does all these techniques to "trick" the mind. At one point I was munching on these tiny (smaller than bacon bits), cruchy, brown things thinking these are really good and I know the flavor but just can't place it. They were potatos! At another point I thought there was a scallop on my plate and it turned out to be a pineapple. The meal was really differnt and fun.

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