Friday, September 24, 2010

New York Day #2

Monday I was on my own. I was nervous but ended up having a really good day. I never felt unsafe or really got lost. Thanks goodness for the iPhone! I used the map (the gps was a little sketchy b/c of all the buildings and poor reception) and a subway app. I know I would not have survive without these. (I also used the "knocking" app to give a quick tour of some of the places I went to with some friends at work. If you don't have this app you should look into it.) I made my way to Times Square. It looks so big on tv but in real life it doesn't look so big. Now don't get me wrong, there where a lot of things going on, bill boards, shops, buildings, people, just not a big as I expected. For instance, that little dot on top of that building is the New Year's Eve ball. Just not a big as I expected. I also saw a group of women with hog shirts on. It's a small world after all. After wandering for awhile I made my way to Bryant Park. I loved it there. There was a huge fountain in the middle. Lots of little tables and chairs around, a huge lawn, and even a carousel. This might be my favorite spot in the city. I sat at one of the tables and had a bagel and coffee. From my table I could see the empire state building. The NY Public Library was also across the street. There was lots of beautiful architecture. This might be one of my favorite buildings.

After breakfast I walked over to the library. I mainly curious because this is where Carrie and Big WERE going to get married. It was a beautiful building. I seemed to be mainly research rooms. I never did find the "book" section. Funny I know, but the place was HUGE. I did find the children's section and I must say that the children's section at our Main Library is MUCH better. But the building was impressive with most of the walls and floors being made of marble.

After the library I walked down to see the Empire State Building. I didn't go into it because I heard the line was forever, plus it's probably not the best place for an acrophobic like myself.

I also walked by Grand Central Station.

Then I braved the subway by myself and went to Central Park. I walked around a little. I wish I would have had more time to explore. There were lots of horse and carriages, and some sculptures.

I also spent a good 30 minutes stalking outside a hotel where multiple police, and window tinted sedans and SUV pulled up to the front. Another lady sat next to me, she was from Ireland and visiting her grandchildren. She was very nice, again from Ireland not NYC. Turns out the UN was meeting and it was probably an international diplomat. Never saw anyone go out or in. Here are some picture I took while I was stalking with my Hipstamatic iPhone app.

After the park we went back to the hotel and took a quick nap. Then we went to find dinner. Coby ended up eating part of a HUGE deli sandwich at the famous Carnagie Deli. I passed on the sandwich as I am not a huge fan of deli meat or sandwiches. And I was saving room for the gelato we planned on getting later that night. We walked back through Times Square just to get the feeling of it at night.

Here is a picture of us eating our gelato on the steps of Madison Square Garden.

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katandkarl said...

cute! we loved bryant park too... we ate at that little outdoor restaurant there one night with nate. i am happy to see your library pics - i've always wanted to go in!

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