Friday, September 10, 2010

some things

I have lots to catch you up on between some craft projects. around the house things, and some family things.
Some of you may or may not know that Coby and I have been trying to get pregnant and things aren't quite working out as planned. Obviously;) I haven't really talked about this here just because I try to not let it consume my life and I like to be able to come on here and post about other things. Please don't be offended if you are someone I have not talked to about this. It's just not always something that is convenient to talk about and like I said there are some areas of my life that I like to have where I don't have to think about all this mess. I am open to questions though so please don't feel like you have to walk on egg shells or anything.
We've had a few different procedure done and most recently I had an exploratory laproscopic surgery. The doctor wasn't sure if he would find anything but also said it couldn't hurt. I was hoping he would go in and find a definite problem as to why we can't get pregnant. Well he went in an found "the beginning stages of endometriosis". I didn't talk to him directly and got most of this information from Coby who he did talk to. We have a follow up in two weeks and hopefully will have more information then and figure out our next steps. I am feeling a lot better than I expected. A little sore from the air they have to pump into your stomach to distend your belly so they can see better. I feels like a stitch in you side like you have after you workout to hard. (I haven't had one of those in a long time;). Some of the air has also moved into my shoulders causing them to be achy. But over all it's really not to bad. Nothing a little prescription pain meds won't take care of.
Prior to this Coby, who has been complaining about back pain for a few months, finally went for a MRI and found out that he has two budging discs in his lumbar. Right now he is trying to avoid surgery and is about to start physical therapy and some shots for pain management. As you can imagine having a back injury and working in a kitchen all day is not a good combination. AND in the mist of all this he was at a friends out and backed into a motorcycle that had JUST been turned off and subsequently burn a hunk out of his calf. This has been very painful and bothersome as well. When is rains it pours, right?
But a rainbow follows rain...
Coby entered a contest a few weeks back for a free pass to the international culinary conference in NYC. HE WON! The pass is about $400. We talked about how this was great but now may not be the best time (physical health and financial health wise). He would still have to pay for travel and room and board. Well, he talked to his boss who agreed to pay for the travel and room. How could he pass this up?! Then came the question. Should I go with him? Again, money and time off from work came into question. Not to mention the fact that he would be in the conference for the majority of the four days he would be there. I can get a plan ticket for $300 and I found a interesting course for some continuing education hours. This course is only one day but I could right it off a business travel. My decision is still up in the air. How can I pass up a trip to NYC for next to nothing. But, do I feel comfortable exploring the city by myself for most of the time? I kind of feel like, may be this is why we have not had kids yet. Maybe God is saying go, travel, live and I will take care of the rest. If I do go Coby and I will have been to Jamaica, New Orleans, San Francisco, NYC, and Nashville within our first 2.5 years of marriage. How fortunate are we? Feed back from anyone would be helpful. Especially if you have been there. So that is what has been going on around here. Sorry for the lengthy post. Have a happy Friday! Leaving you with a sweet picture of our fur babies.


Jessica said...

Glad to hear that everything went ok yesterday!

p.s. If you need a travel companion for nYc, I am totally down. ha!

katandkarl said...

sorry to hear about the fertility issues - super frustrating. I def vote for the NYC trip... i freaking LOVE that place and, if you haven't been, you should!

Leah Billings said...

I had to travel to NYC several years back for business (when I was working as a designer). I spent a good portion of my down time roaming around on my own. I think it is totally doable to explore by yourself. Just plan each day out really well and be familiar with how you're gonna get around ( review your route ahead of time.) I would highly recommend joining Coby and making a vacation out of it. It's a fantastic city to visit!

Jessica said...

Hey do you read Birdie's blog?

Her post today reminded me of this post.

Eve said...

Oh, liza, I just read this post. I am sorry that you are having fertility challenges. What did you find out after your follow up appointment? I wish I knew what to say. Hang in there. xoxo

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