Friday, September 24, 2010

New York Day #3

Tuesday I went to my course on Personality Disorders. I was really interesting and something different that what I normally attend. I went to a course so I could write a lot of the trip off on my taxes. The presenter was entertaining and he used movie characters to describe different personality disorders. There was a lot of audience participation and at one point he called on me. After the first word I said he stopped me an said "you're not from here are you? You're one of those people who say to your patients "you have borderline personality disorder, bless your heart"". Everyone got a kick out of that. I had a sushi lunch by my self, and it was quite enjoyable.
After the course I headed to the hotel to meet up with Coby. We had dinner at Le Bernardin. It is a very respected seafood resturant. It is NOT a Red Lobster seafood place. I hade oysters, fluke (flounder), wagyu beef, and tuna all prepared in new ways. It was very good.

After dinner we went to see Lion King. I had planned on getting tickets to a show at the discount place in times square but there was nothing I really wanted to see. I decided to go ahead and spend the extra money to see something I really wanted to. Let me tell you, it did NOT dissapoint. It was soooo amazing. The costumes, the music, and acting. So good!! I didn't take any pictures. It's illegal in NY to take pictures inside the theater.

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